Thursday, April 23, 2009

TeamCity 4.5...

is live.
Time to think about new features and plans. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 17, 2009

TeamCity Git Support from JetBrains

One of the most requested version control supports in TeamCity is Git. We do not (yet?) use it ourselves but were a bit affected too because most of the Ruby projects we setup on to demo our Rake runner were moved to Git and we could not build them anymore.

There was a git-teamcity project on gitgub, but it seems that the first author lost interest before it took off. Luckily, it was branched by Chris Ortman and the first working Git plugin for TeamCity appeared some time after. The plugin was installed on some public instances like
AFAIK the plugin uses agent-side checkout and relies on git binaries present on TeamCity server and agent machines.

After IDEA officially received Git support we got a chance to devote time to adding Git support to TeamCity. IDEA integration is based on git binaries but JGit was chosen as an integration method for TeamCity plugin.

Quite naturally, TeamCity Git plugin sources were put into Git repository. Thanks to Git distributed nature it was no problem to start with local repository on the developer's local machine and then push the changes to public repository without any special treatment to save the history.

Several weeks ago we installed the Git plugin in our internal TeamCity installation and started to build the plugin with TeamCity. Today we upgraded to just released build (4.5 RC), added the plugin and now are able to build the plugin so everyone can have access to the most recent version in the best traditions of CI.

Everyone is welcome to try the plugin and send us feedback.

Please note that the plugin is in EAP stage, so critical issues can be encountered. Please also ensure you have the latest TeamCity EAP build as the Git integration plugin is not compatible with previous versions.

New build (8909): Release Candidate

We plan the release for the next week and here is a release candidate build. As one of the last changes we decided to perform rename refactoring on the version itself. With all the features and improvements since 4.0 we decided it can deserve to be called 4.5 instead of 4.1.

The only change we forgot to commit is a version displayed in the TeamCity footer: if you see 4.1 there distrust your eyes, it's 4.5, but masquerading :)

So, what's new?
- reworked tests grouping on the tests tab
- further improvements to LDAP synchronization (anyone to describe LDAP configuration to test completeness of our settings?)
- fixes, improvements and fixes again.

More in release notes.

If you try the build (please do), let us know about any issues uncovered in your environment.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Subversion labeling for googlecode projects

This is a small hint for those who host an open-source project on

If you want to setup TeamCity VCS labeling for your project, use the following in your SVN labeling settings field:

and don't forget to specify authentication information for your SVN settings.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New EAP build (8870): Boosted LDAP integration

With several last-minute fixes to LDAP integration (so last-minute we are are providing them as a separate download - see the note on Download Page), we are releasing the next EAP build from 4.1 series.

LDAP integration can now retrieve user details and groups membership as well as automatically create users in TeamCity once they appear in LDAP. The latter feature is useful for sending builds notifications to the users that do not even know about CI server.

With more UI polishing and bulk group operations, user groups feature is almost finished in this build.

A detailed changes description can be found in the release notes.

If you care either about user groups or LDAP integration please give these features a try and let us know your opinion. We plan to release 4.1 in several weeks and there is still a chance to fix major issues if you spot them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cumulative JetBrains Products Update

If you do not know already, today we are announcing a pack of new features to all JetBrains products.
Please welcome TeamCity's Cash Options,
IntelliJ IDEA's Voice Control Plugin
and ReSharper's Configurator.

TeamCity Tracker Upgrade

About a year ago we migrated our TeamCity issue tracker from JetBrains Jira to a new tracker that is developed in-house. The dogfooding is great - the developers are several rooms away and you can always go complain in person rather then trying to write everything down :)

The tracker (its codename is Charisma) has been evolved a lot since then, but there were no changes visible for the last couple of months. Why? Because of the new completely rewritten UI and the whole new approach to replace the current one. These changes could not be done incrementally and were developed under cover for quite a while. BTW, the language technology behind Charisma is MPS and that makes the development much more fun.

A week ago a new update was pushed to and now all the users can try the new UI themselves. The old one ("workspace") will be abandoned soon.

So head to your profile ("Settings" tab) in the tracker and check "Use New UI" checkbox.
You will then be redirected to new UI URL:

The workspace can still be reached by, but if you ever need it - let us know why. We will need to improve new UI before we drop the old one for good.

Do you like new UI? Any difficulties using it? We need your feedback! Found a bug? Post it right into Charisma.

Plugins are Fun

Just to let you know that we've updated a plugin that you might need today.