Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bugfix update: TeamCity 5.0.1

Here is one more present for your this Christmas: minor update for TeamCity 5.0.

There is a bunch of issues fixed in the release. Some performance improvements in Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins, no indeed critical bugs, but update is recommended for all users of 5.0.

As you probably know, main JetBrains development is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Russian Christmas is celebrated on January, 7. Thus, we have working days till December, 31 and then have national holidays till January, 10. Anyway, do not hesitate to post your feedback - we will get to it right after the holidays.

Best Wishes for this Holiday Season,
JetBrains TeamCity Team.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

TeamCity 4.5.6: minor update with IDEA 9.0 compatibility

If you are still considering upgrade to TeamCity 5.0 but want to use recently released IntelliJ IDEA 9.0, here is an update for you: TeamCity 4.5.6. There are several other fixes too, but not too much.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

TeamCity 5.0 is out

Build 10669 is going to get somewhat more attention then its siblings. It just have been announced as official TeamCity 5.0 release build.

A year after 4.0 and about 7 months after 4.5, we are releasing version 5.0.

What's inside?
Many improvements and fixes throughout entire system: from agents to server, from deep internals to Web UI.
Some of the largest additions feature Amazon EC2 support, improved Maven experience, issue trackers integration, creating backup from UI and build configuration templates.

Upgrade is not free, but all existing customers can upgrade for 50% of the full price. See details on the official site.

Plan upgrade? Read the What's New and Upgrade Notes available form 5.0 documentation.

Thank you all who helped us trying EAP releases, reporting issues and sharing your thoughts. We value your help much as this allows us to plan further features and improvements with our users in mind.

Happy building,
TeamCity Development Team.