Friday, April 15, 2011

Last EAP build before 6.5: Parametrized VCS roots, dotCover Add-in Integration and More

With current plans for 6.5 release in May we are publishing the latest additions to TeamCity and wait for your feedback. And there are lots to try and play with.

Parametrized VCS roots
You can now use %-references to TeamCity properties inside VCS roots. This opens a wide range of applications ranging from settings reuse between build configurations or builds in a chain to running a custom build specifying branch/tag on build start. Combined with ability to "publish" properties from a build and use them later via dep. references this unleashes power that is still to be understood.
Is your beloved case supported? Does it work as expected? Let us know!

Test muting improvements
We continue to improve test muting feature that allows to mark a test as not contributing to the build status.
Sounds interesting or scary?

Know your agents
If you ever wondered what agents have alike or differentiating environment, now you have a report to answer the question. Look under Agents / Parameters Report.
Did you manage to find something new about your agents?

And nobody should walk away empty-handed: there is a lot more in the build, including artifact dependencies on build tags and displaying failed tests grouped by package/namespace in UI.

See details in the change log or even dive deep into the fixed issues list.

Did I mention that your timely feedback is something that is really making TeamCity better?