Thursday, May 26, 2011

TeamCity 6.5 is Here: New Features and Less Restrictive Free Edition

If you look through the What's New list of the release you are likely to see something useful for you.
We worked hard and we hope the release will make you a bit more happy with TeamCity and also with your builds.

The release both tweaks old things (like restyling web UI or renaming Responsibility into Investigation) and adds new strokes (like remote run on branches and test failures muting). These new directions are still to be fully explored and improved in the further releases based on your feedback.

Please make sure to look through the Upgrade Notes before you upgrade. It is recommended to test-drive the new version before upgrading your production TeamCity installation.

Our further plans are to start development of the next major version (TeamCity 7.0) and release updates to 6.5.x version with minor improvements and critical bug fixes if they surface.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

TeamCity 6.5 RC: Days For the Official Release

Here is a build that is one tiny step before the official 6.5 release. It has just several bug fixes over the previous one and is meant to be the last chance to try a build before the release.

If you consider upgrading to 6.5, consider trying the build and warning us on any misbehavior found.

A hint: this build still has an EAP license bundled (valid for 30 days) so this can be yet another reason to download and try it :)

In the mean time we are starting to think what could we bring in TeamCity 7.0 and you might add your thoughts as well :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

TeamCity 6.5 Pre-Release: Less Restrictive Professional Edition and Stability Improvements

We are only  a small step away from 6.5 release and here is a build for you to try in your environment and let us know if anything goes wrong. The final 6.5 is planned to be released within a week or so.

Starting with this build we are dropping most limitations from Professional TeamCity edition except for the 20 build configurations limit. Now you can use per-project roles, any user authentication and more then 20 users in your TeamCity Professional installation.
As a professional user, you might be also interested in using more build configurations and here is a place to share your thoughts on this.

This build include a new way to install an agent onto a new machine: "agent push". Provided you have administrator credentials for a remote machine, you can now install a TeamCity agent on it right from "Agent Push" tab under Agents. The feature is in a bit "experimental" state, but we hope to improve it in further releases based on your feedback.

The build also further improves test muting and remote run on branches features as well as bundles PowerShell runner.

See more in the change log or full fixed issues list.

We ask you to try the build in your environment and let us know if anything goes wrong.

Get ready for the 6.5 release!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Responsibility Becomes Investigation. Are you an Investigator?

TeamCity has responsibility feature since the early days.

At first, it was introduced as an easy way to say to your buddy developers: "Hey, I've looked into the failure and I will try to fix it!". This was initially available only for build configurations but then was extended to individual test failures.

Then, we have got lots of request to allow assigning responsibility to other users. The reasoning is clear: I investigated a failure and figured out the dev who is to look into it. Now I want to ping him and let others know my findings right inside TeamCity UI.

But that is where social forces are brought into the play: we started to hear that many companies are not using "assign responsibility" because it sounds like blaming and the assigned party often gets a bit upset to say the least.

At that point we decided to rename responsibility into something other to reduce the "blame" impact. Choosing a good alternative took time and lots of considerations.
Finally, in 6.5 we are ready to introduce the renaming and are now using "investigation" instead of "responsibility".

One piece, though. How should we call a person who is investigating the failure?
Does "investigator" sounds right in the context? Should we stick with it or retreat to "assignee of the investigation"?
And we need your help here. Do you consider "investigator" a right term or not? Why?
Any alternatives you might suggest?

Please comment in the original issue or here.