Thursday, October 27, 2011

TeamCity 6.5.5: BugFix Update

While we are developing TeamCity 7.0, some important fixes are being back-ported to 6.5.x branch to deliver the fixes to you earlier then in 7.0 release.

Latest branch snapshot is released as 6.5.5 today and is available from the official download page.

Update is recommended for all users as there were some performance improvements. See the full list of fixed issues.

Data format is the same as in all 6.5.x releases, so if you are already on 6.5.x, it is possible to downgrade if necessary. Anyway, creating the backup before the upgrade is highly recommended.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 20334: Dependencies Graph, ReSharper-Powered Inspections and More

And here we are with a new snapshot of the current TeamCity 7.0 state: EAP build 20334.

This build adds several highly voted features:

Dedicated setting for per-checkin builds in VCS trigger. If your builds are fast and you have enough agents you can now tick the option to ensure TeamCity includes no more then a single new change in a build. This could have been emulated with the quiet period setting for a long time, but now it works more reliably and is more obvious to use. BTW, we used the approach for R# builds before their release. That bit quite a bit of our agents farm but the approach gave the team more confidence in the changes and that proved very useful.

Visualization of build's snapshot dependencies graph. Build's Dependencies tab was reworked to display the entire graph of the build chain. The view allows to see the big picture if your setup is not too complex. We have thought on moving it further, but need your feedback to adjust our plans. If you use snapshot dependencies much, try installing this EAP build as a test server, share your graphs and let us know what would you like from it.

Ability to ask for certain properties on manual build run. This has been added as a part of introducing "meta-data" for build configuration properties: display label, type, required flag. So far this is configured via a tricky syntax, but is likely to be improved if the feature is well-received.

For you, Git and Mercurial users, we have added visualization of changes' parent/child relationships on Change Log tab of a build configuration.

And for you, .Net teams, we have bundled a ReSharper-powered tool that allows to run solution-wide analysis inside TeamCity and browse the results in the browser.

Read all the details in the release notes or look through the resolved issues.

While we use this EAP build on our production server, it is not recommended to use it on yours if you cannot rollback to the latest stable TeamCity (6.5.4) losing all the data collected in this EAP version. If you risk, ensure you have a good backup beforehand!

However, trying the features on a test installation and letting us know whether it covers your needs or not is highly anticipated.