Thursday, November 24, 2011

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 20702: My Investigations, Steps Disabling and Integrated NuGet Repostiory

This Thanksgiving fresh snapshot of upcoming TeamCity 7.0 is available for you to try at EAP page.

Almost no big new additions, just improvements all over the system and minor features like ability to disable build steps, displaying content of archived artifacts, My Investigations page, etc.

For .Net users, it might be interesting to try TeamCity as NuGet repository, which is first available in this release

See details in the release notes or browse through full fixed issues list.

Recently our team has got a new client-side developer and the EAP build already includes many of his changes. To name a few: search by build configuration name in a popup of Projects tab, fixed middle clicks, improvements in diff view. Welcome, Leonid!

So if you have any issues with layout/browser behavior of TeamCity web UI - they now have more chances of being fixed soon. Let us know about them!