Thursday, December 13, 2012

TeamCity 7.1.3 BugFix Update: Fixes and Performance Improvements

Here is a new update for the 7.1.x versions: 7.1.3. It mainly includes bug fixes and some performance improvements, particularly related to cleanup. You can review the full list of fixed issues in our tracker.

This 7.1.3 release is still data format-compatible with all 7.1.x releases, so upgrade is recommended and you still will have a chance to revert to previous 7.1.x version if something plays wrong in the new version.

Time to grab the latest binaries and schedule an upgrade!

If you have not yet checked a recent entry in our official blog on our plugins week, you might want to do so as there are several plugins you can benefit from already in TeamCity 7.1.x.
Particularly Flaky tests analyzer, Deployer and Torrent artifacts ones might play nicely in certain environments. What is more important is your feedback which we wait for the plugins so we can further improve and consider bundled them in the future versions.

Monday, November 12, 2012

TeamCity 7.1.2 BugFix Update: Performance Improvements and Fixes

In TeamCity 7.1.x branch we've fixed quite a lot of issues since 7.1.1, so here is a new version for your servers: 7.1.2.

The release has some performance improvements for loaded servers and many fixes all over.
7.1.2 is still data format-compatible with 7.1 and 7.1.1, so upgrade is recommended and you still will have a chance to revert to previous 7.1.x version if something plays wrong in this 7.1.2 update.

In the mean time, team's main efforts are switched to the trunk codebase and we are working on the new features to be released in TeamCity 8.0. This one is codenamed Gaya and we are planning the release for the mid-sping. We do not have a public road map, but the features will be gradually emerging in our EAP releases. The first version 8 EAP build is likely to be published in December.

Some time ago we have summarized the results of our internal plugins weeks and there are several interesting contributions which can be tried on the existing servers. We are preparing a summary for these plugins and it is to be published soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

TeamCity 7.1.1 BugFix Update: Improvements and Fixes

A new update for the TeamCity 7.1 with more then 150 fixes and improvements worth of one month team work is waiting for  your downloads.

This 7.1.1 release comes with several performance and other improvements throughout the system as well as bug fixes. For the full list see issues in our issue tracker.

The release uses the same data format as TeamCity 7.1, so you can upgrade without data conversions and you can downgrade to 7.1 from 7.1.1 if necessary.

We will gradually switch our efforts to out trunk codebase and the next major TeamCity release but continue to fix issues in 7.1.x branch if they are uncovered.

For the two next weeks the TeamCity team will be experimenting with new ideas in the scope of an internal "ideas contest". I hope to share the most prominent results after that. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TeamCity 7.1 Released: Feature Branches and More

The download page has just got an update to the official 7.1 release build (#23907).

If you were not following our EAP builds or want to get a round up, please review What's New  documentation page.

Thank you all who tried the EAP builds and posted issues into the tracker. Hope, the release fixes some you care about.

This version uses updated data structure comparing to 7.0.x versions, so make sure you create a backup before upgrade.
 For upgrading not-critical small installations, you can just install over and create a backup on the maintenance screen displayed on the first start of the upgraded version. For critical production installations, it is recommended to install a test server and only upgrade after checking important functionality in this new version.

Please also make sure to review Upgrade Notes for the list of changes which might affect your installation.

Our next plans are to release several 7.1.x updates based on your feedback and make up our minds on the next major release.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

TeamCity EAP build #23892: 7.1 is Almost Here

We plan to release version 7.1 around next week, so this is really close: build 23892.

There are no major changes, just bug fixes and some polishing before the release. If you plan to upgrade to 7.1 when it will be released, it makes sense to try this EAP build to see how well it plays in your environment. In particular, if you plan to use the new feature branches support, make sure to try it out.

 If you encounter any critical issues, please let us know the details via teamcity-feedback at so that we still have chance to address it.

Please note that this build does not have EAP license key bundled already. You can get evaluation key on the official download page.

Monday, July 23, 2012

TeamCity EAP build #23833: Branches, Branches, Branches

Our current plan is to release 7.1 within several weeks so this is really close to the release.

Main team efforts are focused around polishing feature branches support, but there are also other improvements that we included at the last minute.
See the release notes and get the build to try now.

We encourage you to try the build on a test server i your environment and see how it works for your settings. If you find any critical issues please file them into the issue tracker.

And we are back to fixing last minute issues now...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TeamCity 7.0.4 BugFix Update: Performance and Fixes

While we are approaching 7.1 release, we still integrate critical bug fixes into 7.0.x branch and here is the latest update for your production servers: 7.0.4 build #21474.

Included are various performance improvements which can affect large TeamCity installations, fixes in Subversion integration and more. See the full list.

There are no data structure changes comparing to 7.0.3, so downgrade to other 7.0.x releases is possible.

Anyway, it's a good time to create backup for your server. The one from Administration > Backup with "Basic" setting is usually enough.

If you want to prepare for upgrade to TeamCity 7.1, consider checking out our last EAP build and let us know how new features work for you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TeamCity EAP build #23732: Feature Branches and More

With this new EAP build we are introducing dedicated support for feature branches development practice. The only supported version controls are Git and Mercurial. Support for others might be added too, but not in TeamCity 7.1.

VCS roots has got a new "Branches" field where you can specify patterns for the branches to monitor. The changes are then processed as usual. They are displayed as pending and VCS trigger will trigger builds for them. The builds triggered for non-default branch will  display the branch name. You will be able to filter builds by branches in UI. At the same time, some of the features like notifications and build status work only for the default branch.

If you use Git or Mercurial and use feature branches we would appreciate if you can install a test server and see how this functionality plays for you. We are eagerly awaiting for your feedback for the feature.

For details and other improvements see release notes and full fixed issues list if interested.

Our plans were to release TeamCity 7.1 in about a month and we are reevaluating them now. Options are  to confirm the plans or postpone the release until September.

Monday, June 4, 2012

TeamCity EAP build #23373: NTLM SSO, Artifact Dependencies Changes, Always-Execute Build Steps and More

Last week we have published a new EAP build #23373 which reflects current state of our trunk, TeamCity 7.1 development. Sorry for the late announce here: Adriatic Sea around me last week was not very favorable for following the team's status closely.

As usual, you can get the list of most prominent changes in the change log or browse through the fixed issues list. While we are still in development phase we urge you to check the new features and let us know how well they suit your cases and how would you like to improve them. We still have some time to do some polishing before the release, so your feedback would be quite appropriate at this time.

A usual warning: EAP build might be unstable, so production installation upgrade is not recommended. You can try it as a test server, however. In any case, please create a backup of database and settings before upgrade to be safe if something goes wrong.

BTW, if you use JavaScript and use one of JetBrains IDEs with JavaScript support you might be interesting in a recent post in our official blog on setting up JavaScript inspections in TeamCity. Your comments are welcome!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TeamCity 7.0.3 Bugfix: Fixes and Performance Improvements

Here is a new update for the stable TeamCity version 7.0, build 21424 awaiting for your downloads.

It has some recently discovered bugs fixed and includes several performance improvements, mostly related to processing of large build chains. See the full fixed issues list.

The server still uses the same data structure format, so you can downgrade to any of  7.0.x, if necessary.

While you download the distribution, can you think of your "dream feature" for TeamCity?
If you have one, you are welcome to share: our forum and particularly the dedicated thread should be a good place for discussion and you can post a link or a quick suggestion right here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TeamCity 7.1 EAP Opened: Problems Summary on Overview, VCS Browsing During Configuration and More

Today we open Early Access Program for upcoming TeamCity 7.1.
Current plans for 7.1 release are mid-summer.

Apart from usual (and many) fixes and improvements we plan to do more in the areas of Investigations, Build Problems and Feature Branches for distributed version controls. This EAP release shows our progress so far.

Check the release notes or the entire fixed issues list.
We run the version on our internal server so it should be stable at least in some environments. However, please do not upgrade your production server with the version since no downgrade is possible from it to 7.0.x versions.

This being said we would appreciate any feedback on the introduced features or improvements as it can help us detect issues early and improve the upcoming release based on your comments.

And yes, the EAP download page is the usual one.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TeamCity 7.0.2 Bugfix, Xcode Runner Plugin Preview

Last week we have released a new bugfix update: 7.0.2 build 21349 mostly to address recently uncovered issues occurring in some installations. Upgrade is recommended for all users. This release still uses the same data structure as 7.0 and 7.0.1, so downgrade to the versions is possible, if necessary.

An unrelated, but noteworthy is also an initial version of Xcode runner that we have recently published.
It is meant to help build Mac OS X and iOS projects in TeamCity.

It's been a while since several third-party plugins were available for the purpose ([1][2]). We greatly appreciate the effort of the authors and thank them for helping TeamCity users with Xcode builds.

Now we want to make Xcode builds first-class citizens in TeamCity and bundle the functionality into TeamCity distribution with one of our next releases. If you use Xcode for your development it would be great if you try the plugin and let us know how it suits your needs, what should be added, etc.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TeamCity 7.0.1: Bugfix Update

Please welcome build 21326, an update for 7.0 with some recently uncovered issues fixed.

Thank you all who spent time reporting issues to us! 

Grab the distribution and upgrade your server: update is recommended (though, not mandatory) for all installations running 7.0.
This update does not modify database or data directory structure, so downgrade to 7.0 is possible.

Since release of 7.0 we branched, started developing new features for 7.1, arranged team meat up with some discussions

Our open space discussion schedule
and are now further developing TeamCity 7.1 which is scheduled for around June.

Already upgraded? Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 is Released

You can grab this final 7.0 build (#21241) on the official download page.

Useful links when considering and planning upgrade:

What's new in 7.0
Test-drive newer TeamCity version
Upgrade procedure

Do not forget to create a backup (e.g. from TeamCity web UI) before upgrading as after upgrade you will not be able to downgrade TeamCity data to previous versions.

Please note that TeamCity server and agents need to be run under Java 1.6 in TeamCity 7.0. If you are running TeamCity 6.5.x and still run agents under not compatible Java, you will have a yellow note on Agents page of TeamCity UI. See details.

Our current (yet to be confirmed) plans are to continue improvement of 7.0-introduced features and release 7.1 in several months. Your feedback on the new features and stories on how they suit your use cases is highly appreciated.

And it's time for us to get a glass of champagne Maß of Bavarian beer.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP/RC build 21209: Almost There

This EAP build is so close to the release that we are naming it RC for 7.0.

You can look through the list of fixed issues or just grab the build.
We would appreciate if you can try it and report critical issues, if any.

BTW, our What's New section in the documentation is almost ready, so you can review all the new additions in 7.0.

A note: this build already does not include EAP license key, so you can use one from previous EAP or let us know if you need one.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 21163: Build Chain Graph on Project Level and Fixes

We are mostly fixing various issues now, preparing for 7.0 release.

The only feature addition is "Build Chains" tab for a project that displays an accumulated view for all build chains related to the project. If you use snapshot dependencies, give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

If you plan to upgrade to 7.0 soon please get this EAP and try it for your setup so that if you have any critical issues with it, we can still address them before final 7.0 build.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 21124: Subversion 1.7 Support Enabled, Fixes

As 7.0 release is only weeks away according to our plans, we will try to publish builds more often in a hope that more people will try them in order to check latest fixes.

Release notes are really small and the fixed issues list is also not long.

We have been experimenting with Subversion 1.7 working copy support for agent-side checkout and this build has the support bundled for you to try.

The build is on the usual EAP page.
Just do not forget to let us know if you find any issues with it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 21075: Enhanced Dependencies Graph and Remote Settings Editing

As we are targeting TeamCity 7.0 release in about a month, this is the last EAP build with new features. We will focus on bug fixes and minor improvements to existing functionality until the release.

That is why it is important for us to get your feedback on this TeamCity build to be able to fix possible issues before the release.

This build further improves build dependencies visualization. To summarize, you get "Dependencies" tab for a build (listing all the build chains that include the build) and also for a build configuration (listing all the chains that include the builds of the build configuration). You can also "continue" a chain from the current state.
"Build chain" are all the builds interlinked with snapshot dependencies. This is a TeamCity notion that embraces build "pipeline".  If you feel the need to get "pipelines" in TeamCity, this is the feature to try and give us your feedback.

Another long-awaited feature is to allow remote build configuration creation/modification. The functionality is now part of REST API. With it you can create new empty build configurations or copy existing ones as well as change individual settings like add a new build step / trigger / agent requirement. If you plan to use the feature you are highly welcome to try it and let us know how well it fulfills your needs. REST API is still scarcely documented, but you can get supported requests description via http://<your server>/app/rest/application.wadl request, which also has links to .xsd of the used entities.

Now it's time to browse through the release notes or full list of fixed issues, download and try it as a test installation.

You are welcome to share your feedback in the forum or by other means.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 20939: Restructured Admin Space, Changes Across Dependencies and More

With a bit of delay, here is an announcement of the recent TeamCity EAP build that the team published while I was spending last week of the year on a skiing holiday.

There are lots of new features both related to UI and logic. Please browse through the release notes to find those of interest to you. To get the details you are welcome to look through the fixed issues list.

We would appreciate if you try some of the features on a test installation of your server and let us know how well the features address your case and your opinion on UI changes.

If you use snapshot dependencies (which you really should for interdependent builds), try "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" option for the build configurations with dependencies.

If you have builds that need specifying additional parameters on every build run, typed parameters feature is to explore.

If you prefer to see TeamCity user names instead of VCS ones for the changes: the feature is already in.

I am sure you will find something new for you to explore in the build.

Our current plans are to polish features added in the recent EAP builds and prepare for the release of 7.0 which is planned for February. As we are approaching the release, your feedback on the features would be highly valuable at this time!