Monday, June 4, 2012

TeamCity EAP build #23373: NTLM SSO, Artifact Dependencies Changes, Always-Execute Build Steps and More

Last week we have published a new EAP build #23373 which reflects current state of our trunk, TeamCity 7.1 development. Sorry for the late announce here: Adriatic Sea around me last week was not very favorable for following the team's status closely.

As usual, you can get the list of most prominent changes in the change log or browse through the fixed issues list. While we are still in development phase we urge you to check the new features and let us know how well they suit your cases and how would you like to improve them. We still have some time to do some polishing before the release, so your feedback would be quite appropriate at this time.

A usual warning: EAP build might be unstable, so production installation upgrade is not recommended. You can try it as a test server, however. In any case, please create a backup of database and settings before upgrade to be safe if something goes wrong.

BTW, if you use JavaScript and use one of JetBrains IDEs with JavaScript support you might be interesting in a recent post in our official blog on setting up JavaScript inspections in TeamCity. Your comments are welcome!