Friday, September 21, 2012

TeamCity 7.1.1 BugFix Update: Improvements and Fixes

A new update for the TeamCity 7.1 with more then 150 fixes and improvements worth of one month team work is waiting for  your downloads.

This 7.1.1 release comes with several performance and other improvements throughout the system as well as bug fixes. For the full list see issues in our issue tracker.

The release uses the same data format as TeamCity 7.1, so you can upgrade without data conversions and you can downgrade to 7.1 from 7.1.1 if necessary.

We will gradually switch our efforts to out trunk codebase and the next major TeamCity release but continue to fix issues in 7.1.x branch if they are uncovered.

For the two next weeks the TeamCity team will be experimenting with new ideas in the scope of an internal "ideas contest". I hope to share the most prominent results after that. Stay tuned!