Friday, December 6, 2013

TeamCity 8.1 EAP Build #29581: Easier Setup, Investigations in REST API, VS 2013 and More

Here is a new build with the current state of our movement towards 8.1 release.

We continue to improve TeamCity configuration, now with ability to create a VCS root based on single URL and revamping Build Configuration administration UI sections. While can seem unusual at first, these changes should serve for better unification and clarity.

Those of you who use TeamCity REST API might find useful the recent additions on reading assigned investigations and listing build queue as well as build triggering.

Keeping up to date with the tools releases we make TeamCity compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and add support for agent-side Subversion 1.8 checkouts.

See more details in the release notes.

Our current plans for the final 8.1 release were adjusted a bit and we now target February, 2014 for the release. With your feedback on the recent additions we will be able to deliver a great release for the time.

Go grab the build and let us know what you think in the forum and issue tracker!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.5 BugFix Update

The new build for the stable 8.0.x branch is available for download.

It includes fixes for the found critical issues and features support for recent updates: NUnit 2.6.3, MSBuild and Visual Studio project runners for VS 2013.

Please note that TeamCity Add-in and .NET inspections/duplicates are note yet updated with VS 2013 support. Please vote/watch corresponding issues which are likely to get updates in the following weeks.

This version still uses the same database format as all the rest of TeamCity 8.0.x, so you can downgrade if something goes wrong after the upgrade.

Happy building!

Monday, October 21, 2013

TeamCity 8.1 EAP Build #29353: Pre-Tested Commit for Git/Hg, Easier Configuration and More

With this build we open Early Access Program for TeamCity 8.1. The release is planned within months and it will have fixes and improvements throughout the system.

In the upcoming release we aim for simplifying initial configuration and settings change. This EAP build already has administration UI changes: split into simple and advanced settings and "guessing" logic on creating a new build step with "Auto-discover" action. We are eagerly awaiting for any feedback on those as we continue to add improvements in the area.

Another important addition is pre-tested commit functionality for Git and Mercurial, akin one we have for Subversion/Perforce. However, it does not require IDE integration and is naturally based on branches. Check "Automatic Merge" Build Feature for the configuration.

Check other additions in the release notes and grab the build at the EAP download page.
While the build works fine for us, most probably it is not yet ready for your production servers, so you might try it just locally or on a test server.

Monday, September 30, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.4 BugFix Update

TeamCity 8.0.4 (build 27616)  is released which contains lots of fixes on top of previous 8.0.x release. These include performance improvements and several important fixes affecting many installations. Update is highly recommended.

This version uses the same data format as all the other 8.0.x releases, so you can downgrade within these versions. Get the fresh release at the download page.

Our development effort is already focused on the forthcoming 8.1 release (due in several months). There will probably be more 8.0.x updates, but those will only include critical fixes and will be released when/if the issues are discovered.

P.S. I've just returned form JavaOne event in San Francisco where we have enjoyed many conversations with current and future TeamCity users. Thank you for stopping by JetBrains booth and appreciation of our tools!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.3 BugFix Update

As more and more installations get upgraded to TeamCity 8.0.x, we get more bug reports, which we try to fix promptly. Here is the latest update with several important issues fixed, so upgrade is recommended. You can check the full list of fixed issues in the issue tracker.

As before, upgrade/downgrade within 8.0 - 8.0.3 is possible as the same data format is used.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.2 BugFix Update

Here is an update for 8.0.x builds: 8.0.2, build 27482.
It contains lots of fixes and is compatible with the recently released ReSharper 8.0 (via TeamCity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio).

Upgrade is highly recommended as there are several important fixes affecting server performance, functioning of several web UI pages, version controls integration and others.

The version uses the same data format, so transparent upgrade/downgrade is possible within all the 8.0.x builds.

So get the release now and make your servers happy :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.1 Bugfix Update

We are keeping finger on the pulse and listen for the feedback of those upgraded to 8.0. Hence there is a bugfix update with the fix for most important reported issues (nothing seems critical, though) and last-minute fixes which did not fit into 8.0 release.

Full fixed issue list is available in our tracker.

Get it on the download page and upgrade! The build uses the same data format as 8.0, so you can even switch back to 8.0 after the upgrade to 8.0.1 if necessary.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 is Out: Nested Projects, Meta-Runner, and More

TeamCity 8.0 build 27402 is live and waiting for your servers.

We've done a lot in the release, mostly to ease large installations management but small teams will also find many useful improvements.
The full list can be found in the What's New and if you are feeling geeky, you can browse all the 1000+ issues fixed directly in the issue tracker.


Make sure to review the upgrade notes before the upgrade as there are changes which might affect your server if you are doing tricky things like configurations generation or extensive REST API usage.

Thank you all who tried EAP releases and reported issues and feedback to us: without your help the release would have been less cool.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 RC Build #27390: Almost There

We plan TeamCity 8.0 release for for this (or at most the next) week and here is the last chance to try pre-release version on your server and let us know if it plays nicely in your environment.
The build is of release candidate quality so give it a try today!

Here is a list of fixed issues and one of them is pretty interesting: TW-16735 Allow to use more than 20 build configurations for less than full TeamCity Enterprise price.

And that one is actually implemented in 8.0!
Weighting several options we decided to go with the one to make each build agent license also add 10 build configurations in addition to one agent. This obviously applies only to Professional edition. All the agent licenses valid with TeamCity 8.0 will add 10 build configurations each once you upgrade.

Hope you will find this useful as well as other 8.0 features.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 EAP Build #27147: More Nested Projects, Meta Runner and More

We target TeamCity 8.0 release for June, so we are approaching features finalization and polishing stage. This EAP build can give you a good overview of the major features coming in version 8.

These include:
- nested projects for presentation and settings propagation;
- human-friendly "external" ids for all the settings entities: projects, build configurations and VCS roots;
- meta-runner for reusing sets of build steps with custom UI (see example);
- health report for identifying configuration and other issues;
- DVCS-related improvements like support for reporting changes from Mercurial subrepos and filters for branches in triggers

This is not to mention significant improvements in cleanup procedure and tons of other fixes.

You can get details on the latest changes in the build's release notes and get the build to try on a test server.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned features, it's high time to try EAP and give us your feedback, so that we still have some time incorporating it into the final 8.0 version. BTW, if your thread in the forum does not get due attention from us, feel free to post a link to the comments of this post so that we get additional notificaiton.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

TeamCity 7.1.5 Bugfix Update

An update for the stable TeamCity version is published to make your servers benefit from the latest fixes. It has a nice build number: 24400! Want to see that in the footer of your server?

There are around 80 fixes in this release spread across the product. If you use feature branches and reference branch name in the script, this build brings you an improvement related to the default branch naming, see details. Other noticeable improvements touch TFS integration and AssemblyInfo files patching functionality.

This release uses the same data format as other 7.1.x releases so you still can downgrade to those if something goes wrong.

Download, upgrade, go!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 EAP Build #26984: Nested Projects, Server Health and Disk Usage Reports, Subrepos for Mercurial and More

A new snapshot of the current TeamCity trunk/8.0 state is published as EAP build for you to try.

The major addition is ability to nest projects one under another. The structure is then reflected in UI and in settings propagation. The work is still in progress and there are quite a few items to polish, but the general idea is in place already, so comments are welcome!

This builds also brings live several reports for administrators:
Server Health which is aimed at listing potential issues with the settings/functioning and should help both experienced and novice server/project administrators to improve the configuration.

The second report is Disk Usage which allows to sort projects and build configurations by the size that their artifacts and build logs occupy on disk. This should help to tune cleanup rules and forsee disk space issues.

Other additions are ability to assign investigation and mute build problems (non-test-related build failures), option to display changes for Mercurial subrepos, ability to list build artifacts via REST API and more.

See the release notes, try the build and let us know what you think about the new features!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

TeamCity 7.1.4 BugFix Update

Here is a new update with the latest fixes for the stable TeamCity version: 7.1.4. There are lots of fixes throughout the system and several improvements.
You can find full list of fixed issues in our tracker. Just add a term to the search field to see if there were any fixes in the area you are interested most.

Upgrade is recommended as the latest version fixes some issues which you might otherwise stumble upon.

The data format is still the same as in previous 7.1.x releases so you can downgrade to those if necessary.

Download page and upgrade instructions are at your disposal.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Paper Book about TeamCity

Having a paper book about your product is great: it's a kind of a link between the virtual essence of the software product and the real world.

Several months ago we have spot first mentionings of a book about TeamCity in the works at Pact. Excited as we were, we waited for the book to become available and recently has got our hands on it.

So here is the book: TeamCity 7 Continuous Integration Essentials by Volodymyr Melymuka.

The book is basically what it claims to be: an introduction to basic TeamCity usage.
It describes common concepts and has a set of step-by-step tutorials for generic tasks like installing TeamCity, creation of a simple Java/Maven project and then configuring the project in TeamCity, using IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse to launch TeamCity remote run, etc.

The tutorials have lots of screenshots to help a novice walk through the steps. One note though is that the images often look worse then the screens appear in real life, so they should not be used to judge the UI :)

The book can be a good reading if you prefer reading through a guide instead of proceeding directly to hands-on experience and using trial-and-error approach.
It can also be a saver for a novice looking at implementing CI in a small company.

We used an eBook copy kindly provided by the publishers for review, but have already ordered and received a hard copy to add to our collection of TeamCity artifacts:

Friday, January 25, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 EAP Build #26816: Friendly Ids for Projects, Mixed Authentication and More

We aim to release TeamCity 8.0 in 3-5 months and so it's time to open EAP for the version.

Today you already can try what we have in place and give us feedback for the features.

The most prominent are:

Human-assignable projects ids. These will be used in web UI URLs and REST API as well as in the settings files under TeamCity Data Directory. Ids for the build configurations are to follow.

Ability to have several authentication modules at once. This is useful for migration from one user authentication to another and for giving more freedom in setting up authentication.

TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has also got a couple of features which we eagerly awaiting feedback for.

Please look through the entire change log to get an overview of all the new additions.

We have the build running on our internal production TeamCity installation for quite some time and it works good for us. However, please install the build as a test server. The version converts the settings and the database to a new format and you will not be able to downgrade the server to version 7.1.x, only to upgrade it to the following EAP builds and TeamCity 8.0 in the result.

Ready? Then get the build from the download page.

The forum would be the best place for your feedback and issue tracker - for any bugs you might encounter.