Thursday, February 7, 2013

TeamCity 7.1.4 BugFix Update

Here is a new update with the latest fixes for the stable TeamCity version: 7.1.4. There are lots of fixes throughout the system and several improvements.
You can find full list of fixed issues in our tracker. Just add a term to the search field to see if there were any fixes in the area you are interested most.

Upgrade is recommended as the latest version fixes some issues which you might otherwise stumble upon.

The data format is still the same as in previous 7.1.x releases so you can downgrade to those if necessary.

Download page and upgrade instructions are at your disposal.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Paper Book about TeamCity

Having a paper book about your product is great: it's a kind of a link between the virtual essence of the software product and the real world.

Several months ago we have spot first mentionings of a book about TeamCity in the works at Pact. Excited as we were, we waited for the book to become available and recently has got our hands on it.

So here is the book: TeamCity 7 Continuous Integration Essentials by Volodymyr Melymuka.

The book is basically what it claims to be: an introduction to basic TeamCity usage.
It describes common concepts and has a set of step-by-step tutorials for generic tasks like installing TeamCity, creation of a simple Java/Maven project and then configuring the project in TeamCity, using IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse to launch TeamCity remote run, etc.

The tutorials have lots of screenshots to help a novice walk through the steps. One note though is that the images often look worse then the screens appear in real life, so they should not be used to judge the UI :)

The book can be a good reading if you prefer reading through a guide instead of proceeding directly to hands-on experience and using trial-and-error approach.
It can also be a saver for a novice looking at implementing CI in a small company.

We used an eBook copy kindly provided by the publishers for review, but have already ordered and received a hard copy to add to our collection of TeamCity artifacts: