Thursday, January 30, 2014

TeamCity 8.1 EAP Build #29790: Build Artifacts, Backup/Restore Improvements and More

We are targeting 8.1 release for February, so here is one of the last EAP builds before the release. It includes several new features like ability to configure build artifacts via selecting paths in UI, improved backup and restore performance and more. For a full list of fixed issues, check the tracker.

This version comes with a bundled EAP license key which will be removed in one of the next public builds, so it's a good chance to get a build and use it for several months without build configurations or agents limitations before deciding to upgrade the licenses.

Get to the download and do not forget to report any found issues to us via the forum or the issue tracker.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TeamCity 8.0.6 BugFix Update

Here is a new update for the stable TeamCity versions: 8.0.6 is ready for download with the latest fixes included.

Most notably, full support for Visual Studio 2013 and ReSharper 8.1 is now included out of the box. The version also contains several important performance improvements, so upgrade is recommended.

TeamCity 8.0.6 still uses the same database format as other 8.0.x versions, so you can upgrade/downgrade between the versions.

This might be the last update for 8.0.x versions as we plan to release 8.1 in February. It might be a good time to prepare for the upgrade to 8.1 and try 8.1 EAP to see how it works in your environment.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

TeamCity 8.1 EAP Build #29687: Better Templated Configurations Customizations and More

Here is a fresh update from the current TeamCity development for the version 8.1. It includes further enhancements in the first build creation experience and allows to override most of the options coming from the build configuration template in place. hose like build number format or failure conditions.

Check the release notes for complete overview of the new features.

If you plan to upgrade to 8.1 when it becomes available, consider getting this EAP build to evaluate the features and let us know your feedback so that we can still incorporate it into the release.

The forum and the issue tracker are at your disposal!