Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Check What's Upcoming in TeamCity 9.0 before the Release: EAP2 (build 31717)

Sorry for the late announcement here, I was out of the office last two weeks visiting JavaOne and some of our customers in the Bay Area.

A new EAP build for the 9.0 code line was published last week.

Check the changes and give it a try on your test servers. We appreciate any feedback on the new features and how their current state applies to your scenarios. Your comments here, posts in the forum or email messages are welcome! Especially taking into account that we target 9.0 release for the end of November your feedback would be very useful at this time.

Looking through the summary of the last week's customer visits, the general product feedback is very positive. There is always room for improvement which we like to fill making TeamCity experience even more smooth and pleasant.
If you do not happen to be in direct contact with us - we are always open for your suggestions and ideas, so if you have thoughts to contribute - make sure to share and discuss those with us.