Monday, March 7, 2016

TeamCity 10 EAP is Open

Our current plan is to release TeamCity 10 in the summer and we are working on the new features for several months already. Today is the time to share our current progress.

As we follow our tradition to code-name major releases after Indian cities in alphabetical order, we have chosen "Indore" as the next codename, so Indore means TeamCity 10.

Here is the first preview of the upcoming TeamCity 10 / Indore, build 40941.
Check the release notes and give it a try on test server.
We run the build on the internal JetBrains production TeamCity instance, but since this is not a released version, it can only be used for test servers, not production ones.

We are open for any feedback on the features announced in the release notes, let us know if you have anything to say about it.

Since this blog has turned into TeamCity announcements-only long ago, I am thinking on dumping it in favor of the official blog at
If you do not like the move, make sure to describe why in the comments here.